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You belong here.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to step into a new church. You can feel as awkward and nervous as you did walking into a school when you were the new kid in town. Our hope is that we can help you feel right at home because, once you come through our front door, we consider you one of the family.

Here you will find that we’re just ordinary people who believe in an extraordinary God. We strive to know Him and His Son Jesus, while learning to follow His plan for our lives and for the world.
Our hope is that God will capture your heart when you’re here and that you will come to know just how much He loves you. We would be honored to help you grow in your relationship with Him. There are many opportunities for you to meet people and do life together and we believe that there is a place for you here. We are here to serve you in any way we can. So, relax! When you’re here, you’re with family!